Redken Certified Colorist

  • Attends advanced education in NYC to keep up with current color trends.
  • Finds inspiration through music, media and movies.
  • Hair color is an exciting expression of personality and a opportunity to customize an individual look.
  • Loves to see a client glow in a new color experience.
  • Specializes in grey coverage and amazing redheads.
  • Collaborates with the talented team to give the best experience.

Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

To Maureen color is always on her mind. It is her soul mate. They understand each other. It captures her attention in all things... nature, food, fabric. Some sheer and delicate, others strong and saturated… so unique like all of us. Each person has their own look and individuality. For Maureen, hair color is the definition of that character. It communicates who people are. Being able to achieve that goal for a client is powerful... her passion!

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